Friday, February 12, 2010

Party at the Vancouver Aquarium

Last night, Canon and Nikon through a party for all "EP" (fully accredited) photographers here at the Olympics. Only at the Olympics could you have the two major competitors combine efforts for this party, and it was very cool to have it at the aquarium. Of course, I brought my camera along and shot a couple of images from inside.

This is my favorite shot from within the aquarium. I just love the colors of the jellyfish and the background. The lines of these creatures are so cool!

I sat down to eat a little food and while talking with some friends from Canon, and a new friend from Ireland, I saw this anemones display with these cool beams of light. I went over to capture this image and then we all traded turns to see who could grab the best shot.

As I was getting ready to pack it in for the night, I came across the shark display and stopped for a couple of shots. It was tough, with the reflections off the glass, but I managed to capture this shot with minimal distractions.


Mrs. L said...

I loved the Aquarium when I was there many years ago. Great photos!

Anonymous said...

The second photo is mislabeled as jellyfish. They are anemones.

Jeff Cable Photography Blog said...

Ooops - thanks for pointing that out. I corrected that!