Monday, February 22, 2010

USA vs. CANADA HOCKEY - The big game!

After a week of people anticipating the big hockey game, the 21st came around and the game commenced. USA was the underdog for this game, but they played well and had very solid goal tending from Ryan Miller, landing them the win in a 5 to 3 win over the team in red. As anticipated, the crowd was loud and the rivalry between the USA and Canada could be heard in the crowd (but always in a nice way - after all, this is the Olympics).

USA attacked early and got a goal in the first minute of the game.

Canada came back with a score of their own and it stayed that way throughout the game with each team one-upping the next.

This was the goal that ultimately decided the game. This score made it 4 to 3 for the USA and put Canada on their heals for the rest of the game.

Zach Parise celebrates in a big way, knowing the importance of this goal!

Then with a minute left in the game, Canada pulled their goalie trying to get an advantage on Team USA. But Ryan Kesler (from the Vancouver Canucks) scored an amazing empty net goal, diving for the puck and swatting it into the net, at the end of the game to seal the deal.


Unknown said...

Hi Jeff, looks like you're having a blast and making the most of your time in Vancouver. You've taken some fantastic shots.

The game last night was a great one but obviously a big dissapointment in the end for Canadian fans. Miller was at his best. I'm still hoping Canada will bounce back and be the finals.

Keep the pics coming!

Dave Lund said...

Hi Jeff,

This is so great. Go USA! Thanks so much for sharing your stories and great photos! Hopefully you can witness a gold medal for USA Hockey.


Jeff Cable Photography Blog said...

Actually Dave, I have to leave on Friday so I will have to watch it on TV with everyone else. :)

Anonymous said...


FANTASTIC1 I've been watching The Games at home (Sheffield / UK) and have been impressed by the coverage.

Your work on show adds the strawberry on top of the cream.

Thanks to Lowepro for putting you and your blog my way.



Anonymous said...

While your images of participants are good, what shines through this body of work are images that I don't see from other photographers at the Olympics: your eye for finding the story around you as well as in front of you.

This is not to take away one iota of acknowledgment from the images of the world's athletes that you've captured.

It is to say that I've seen in your images unique captures of the games that I find nowhere else: Molly's family behind you holding up their signs of support, the crew repacking the ice jump with white smoke surrounding them, etc., etc.

When it's all said and done, what you brought home from these Olympics include images of what we didn't see broadcast on TV and was captured in others' images.

Therein lies your Gold Medal, Jeff.

Great job …